Timer deletion Problem while closing an app in app designer

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Venkata Sai Sampath Pavan Kumar Rachumallu
답변: Ajay Gajulapally 2022년 10월 26일
Hi all
I have created an app having single button using app designer. On button click it will create a timer and invoke a function after a specified delay.However MATLAB is stopping the running timer when i close the app.
It throws a warning
Warning: You are deleting one or more running timer objects. MATLAB has automatically stopped them before deletion.
How can i run the timer even all closing the app?
Kindlly help. Thanks in advance.

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Ajay Gajulapally
Ajay Gajulapally 2022년 10월 26일
I understand that you are trying to create an app which invokes a function based on the timer, but the timer object is getting deleted as you close the app. App designer deletes all its workspace data when you close an app, here the timer you have started is running and when you close the app, MATLAB would automatically stop the timer by force and deletes it.
App designer provides a closeRequest callback function, which you can find in the callbacks section when you right click the UIFigure in App designer. You can use that function and export your app designer timer variable to MATLAB base workspace using the assignin function. This would help you solve your timer closing problem.
Refer this on how to change the “closeRequestcallback function: https://in.mathworks.com/support/search.html/answers/229375-how-to-change-the-closerequestfcn.html
Hope this helps!!


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