Multidomain geometry from mesh

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Shengyue Shan
Shengyue Shan 2019년 10월 15일
답변: Shengyue Shan 2019년 10월 15일
Hello all,
I have a question about creating multidomain geometry in pde toolbox. It is indicated that the geometry imported from stl file, although lookes like it has connceted multidomains but actually does not.
It is suggested that the function geometryFromMesh can be used to solve this problem. How can I create mesh file for this multisubdomain geometry? Is there any better ways to solve this problem?
Thank you very much!
Best regards,
Shengyue Shan


Shengyue Shan
Shengyue Shan 2019년 10월 15일
The geometry for my problem looks like this:

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