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regexp question (-.- 4 word minimum)

I have a string thats goes like this:
055451051 (/document name/folder/file name)
I want a simple regexp that will give me the name between the third / to the ). I tried:
regexp(str, '/(?<name>\w*))', 'names')
but it keeps returning a 0x0 struct. I can get it if I use split on the string using '/' as a delimeter. But my file name come out like 'File name)' and has the parentheses on the end. I can get rid of it but I'm thinking that there's an easier way for me to get whats between the / and ).

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+1 Let's wait until the regexp masters wake up!

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Azzi Abdelmalek 님의 답변 18 Sep 2012
Azzi Abdelmalek 님이 편집함. 18 Sep 2012
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s='055451051 (/document name/folder/file name)'
in the above example the third is the last, if they are more then 3 /. then
s='055451051 (/document name/folder/file name)'

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Matt Tearle 님의 답변 18 Sep 2012

I know you've already got it working, but regexp challenges are always fun. This seems to work...
x = regexp(str,'/([\w\s]*?))','tokens')
Match any number of characters and spaces, but only as many as necessary, between a / and a ).

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regexp challenges always make me feel dumb and inadequate...
Thanks for posting it!

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