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how to package (comsol with matlab) gui to exe

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croke yu
croke yu 10 Oct 2019
답변: Yogesh Khurana 30 Dec 2019
I use the application compiler to package the gui into exe, the exe software could start. However, it doesn't work as the gui. can't load the document and model.(the code in .m includes Local file path)?
any body could help me? Thanks a lot.


Yogesh Khurana
Yogesh Khurana 30 Dec 2019
MATLAB’s App Designer allows you to create a special function that executes when the app starts up, but before the user interacts with the UI like: StartupFcn callback. You can leverage this property for specifying the file name that you want to run when your app starts. I am attaching some links for you to refer those in case you need more help:
Please refer to the above provided links.
Hope this helps!

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