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How to express coordinate range of an area

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I want to read the pixel value of an area but I dont know how to write the coordinate range
x = [ 1119 until 1121]
y = [ 392 until 394]
I have to change the 'until' word into what symbol?

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Johannes Fischer
Johannes Fischer 23 Sep 2019
You are looking for the colon operator (
x = 1119:1121;
y = 392:394;

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 23 Sep 2019
What is the full and exact text of the error message you received when you tried running that line of code? Show us all the text displayed in red (and all the text displayed in orange if you receive any warning messages.)
Johannes Fischer
Johannes Fischer 24 Sep 2019
That error message means you are trying to get data points from a pixel that doesnt exist. Along the first dimension, your image has 825 pixels. with
x = [1119:1121];
you are trying to access data that does not exist, hence the error.
In order to see how big your image is, use
It will give you the number of pixels along each dimension.

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