What is the roadmap to updating MATLAB to use HDF5 1.10 or later?

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I understand that MATLAB support for HDF5 is built on HDF5 version 1.8.12. The latest version of 1.8.x is 1.8.21, and the 1.8.x is slated to be EOL in 2020. Later versions of 1.8.x address "forward compatibility" issues with files writen using the 1.10.x version of the library, as well as performance issues with the library that have crept in over the past few years.
What is the roadmap for upgrading the HDF5 support to the latest 1.8.x release?
What is the roadmap for upgrading HDF5 support to 1.10.x or later? 1.12.0 is slated to be released sometime this year.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019년 9월 18일
You need to contact your sales representative for information about upcoming releases. Your sales representative is able to arrange Non Disclosure Agreements around release of planning information.

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