Get Zoom Handle for UIAxes/Axes when using App Designer

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I am developing an application using App Designer, and I am unable to obtain the zoom handle when using 'zoom'.
out = zoom(UIFigurehandle)
Returns the exception 'UI figure not supported as an input to zoom. Specify UIAxes or Axes in a UI figure instead.'
out = zoom(UIAxeshandle)
out = zoom(Axeshandle)
Returns the exception 'Incorrect number of input arguments.'
I can enable zoom using:
zoom(UIAxeshandle, 'on')
Which works as expected, but as per the documentation it wont return an output (it throws 'Output argument "out" (and maybe others) not assigned during call to "zoom".' if I try).
Using simply:
out = zoom()
Opens a new figure, but returns the handle.
How can I obtain the zoom handle when using app designer? I need it to be able to set the callback and other options, but right now I cannot find a way to do so.
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Ankit 2019년 9월 18일
zoom(app.UIFigurehandle) throws an error as already mentioned by Richard.

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Ned 2019년 9월 20일
You can't. As at 2017a pertaining to UIAxes, "zoom only supports the 'on' , 'off', and factor arguments."
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RichardW 2019년 9월 23일
I need access to a callback in relation to zoom functionality, so I don't think axtoolbar or toolbar properties will help. axtoolbar callbacks seem to be in relation to button selection, whereas I want a callback to be flagged while zoom is being performed.

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