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Can we write plots in Excel

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Prakhar Modi
Prakhar Modi 17 Sep 2019
댓글: Prakhar Modi 17 Sep 2019
Hello everyone,
I am using xlswrite to copy my results. As I have a lot of data and also I have to plot between many observed and simulated data so for now I am able to plot it in matlab but in Excel i have to again plot it. So is there a way that I can copy the plots also as xlswrite is copying the results with mentioning the sheet range and filename??
Thanks in advance

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Ankit 17 Sep 2019
편집: Ankit 17 Sep 2019
Hello Prakhar,
Before asking question it is always beneficial to google it or check in MATLAB Central File Exchange.
Please refer below links for your question:
All the best!

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Prakhar Modi
Prakhar Modi 17 Sep 2019
Thank you

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