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Error "Unable to resolve name" issue

I recently updated to 2019b and since then I have been having problems with certain functions. For example I get the following error:
Unable to resolve the name mSIPRO.file.gConfig.load.
The folder structure is below and the function is located in +gConfig
I have had this folder structure and this particular function for many years and have been using it on a regular basis without issue.
I tried changing the name to "gLoad" but I got the same error.
Is this due to some change to 2019b, or due to an installation problem, or is it likely I have made a change that has made my code unusable?

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Answer by Cam Salzberger on 13 Sep 2019
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Hello Paul,
Please make sure that the parent folder to the "+mSIPRO" directory is on the MATLAB search path. Once you update the path, call rehash to update the cache.
Also, since we can't see it in the image, make sure that the "+gConfig" directory does contain the "load" function.
You can also try calling "which -all mSIPRO.file.gConfig.load" to ensure that the correct function is accessible and not shadowed by another file.

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Thanks Cam,
this all worked but I found I had to set the path to "Default" first.

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