Gtk-Message: 16:17:51.771: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"

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To whom it may concern,
when I run ./matlab on linux UBUNTU 18.4 LTS an error occours
Gtk-Message: 16:17:51.771: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
How can I solve this problem?
I hop hearing from you,
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Chen Wang
Chen Wang 2019년 10월 12일
I have installed everything these answers recommend. However, the problem is still there.

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reincornator 2020년 6월 17일
편집: reincornator 2020년 6월 17일
You must install:
sudo apt-get install packagekit-gtk3-module
sudo apt-get install libcanberra-gtk-module

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Jan Studnicka
Jan Studnicka 2019년 10월 16일
See bug reports:
"On some Linux distributions, a message appears in the terminal window when starting MATLAB:
Gtk-Message: <timestamp>: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
Gtk-Message: <timestamp>: Failed to load module "pk-gtk-module"
This message is informational and has no effect on MATLAB."
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Jan Studnicka
Jan Studnicka 2019년 10월 16일
Your problem can be caused by something different. In my case this message appears and MATLAB starts normally.
I suggest you contact support:

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Brian Zelenke
Brian Zelenke 2020년 5월 23일
On Ubuntu this would be:
export GTK_PATH=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gtk-2.0
On RedHat (RHEL) this would be:
export GTK_PATH=/usr/lib64/gtk-2.0/
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Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas 2021년 7월 30일
This is the only change needed for MATLAB R2020a (Update 1 and Update 6) on CentOS 6.6 [yes, I know!]:
No need to play around with GTK 3.
Just add an /etc/profile.d/ script, setting:
export GTK_PATH
This lets MATLAB find the /usr/lib64/gtk-2.0/modules directory, which holds both modules.
BTW: I found the "R2020a_Update_1_Linux.iso" graphical installer would not run, so had to use ./install -inputFile <name> to do a scripted install. (The GUI opened OK, got to the "Enter File Installation Key" page but would not let me type into the FIK box or press the [Next] button.)
Applying this fix before running ./install might let the graphical installer run, too.

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