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Ode45 solves an equation that containing a definite integral term

Xuan Ling Zhang 님이 질문을 제출함. 6 Sep 2019
Hi, i have a problem on the following equation when solved by Ode45, which contains a definite integral term. I dont know how to transform it so that it can be solved by ode45.
can someone help me ?
Thank you in advance

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Is ‘y’ a function of x or t?
Thank you for the concern. It is a superscript (') just looks like (t), due to the display problem.

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Torsten 님의 답변 6 Sep 2019
Torsten 님이 편집함. 6 Sep 2019

function main
a = ...;
b = ...;
c = ...;
d = ...;
u0 = 1;
usol = fzero(@(u)fun(u,a,b,c,d),u0);
fun_ode = @(t,y)[y(2);y(3);y(4);-usol*y(3)-y(1)^2];
y0 = [a;b;c;d];
tspan = [0 1];
[T,Y] = ode45(fun_ode,tspan,y0);
function res = fun(u,a,b,c,d)
fun_ode = @(t,y)[y(2);y(3);y(4);-u*y(3)-y(1)^2;y(2)^2];
y0 = [a;b;c;d;0];
tspan = [0 1];
[T,Y] = ode45(fun_ode,tspan,y0);
res = Y(end,5)-u;

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Dear Torsten,
Thank you for your valuable answer!!!

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