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Problems by setting up a propper IAR Project for ARM

Lunae 님이 질문을 제출함. 3 Sep 2019
최근 활동 Anirban 님이 답변함. 31 Oct 2019
I work with Polyspace 2019A.
Inside the IAR - IDE i created a file with all the predefined Macros for my project. I included all the macros in the -D window of Polyspace. But, the compillation of the source code failed. Is there a "simple" solution for creating a propper project file for IAR -code ? On the MATLAB page, i found some topics, relating the IAR Compiler. One answer describe a batch file, that you could include in the compiler options inside the IAR - IDE. But, i can't find the content of such a batch file.

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Anirban 님의 답변 31 Oct 2019

Hi Lunae,
The contents of the batch file are given on the page itself. If you use the workflow stated in the page, in principle, you do not need to specify the -D's at all during the configuration. The polyspace-configure command in the first script will set up the required options for the subsequent analysis, so that there are no compilation errors later. See also:

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