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Readtable from i-th row to last row

I am looking for a solution to read an Excel table via readtable from a specific row on down to the last row. I know in which row to start, but I don't know in before which row exactly is the last row.
The only idea I had by now was doing something like
data = readtable(workbookFile, 'sheet', sheetName, 'ReadVariableNames', true, 'FileType', 'spreadsheet', 'UseExcel', false, 'Range', '7:50000');
where 7 ist the row to start the import and 50000 is a valua that high, it would never be reached. The next step would be to delete all the empty rows, that were created (I'm still figuring out how to do it but thats not a part of my question).
That doesn't seem to be very efficient to me. Does anybody have a better solution?

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Jeremy Hughes 님의 답변 3 Sep 2019
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Try this
opts = detectImportOptions(filename,'NumHeaderLines',6)
T = readtable(filename,opts)

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That's it. Thank you very very much.

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KALYAN ACHARJYA 님이 편집함. 2 Sep 2019

Readtable from i-th row to last row?
load table, then
i=??? % define

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I tried that first but that way readtable is not able to detect the table structure of the file to import.
I have an excel-file with 6 rows to drop and then there is a timetable with headlines in row 7, dates in columns 1 (starting in row 8) and the actual data from (8,2) on. I want to import the timetable.
If I just load the data without specifieing the first rows to be dropped, all the cells are strings and I need to convert the cells in the table again, which is not so nice.

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