Error is generated while using uigetfile while loading text files manually

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Vinay Killamsetty
Vinay Killamsetty 2019년 8월 30일
편집: Vinay Killamsetty 2019년 9월 2일
I have to manually select the files which have to be loaded. Each text file is loaded seperately into different cells "Amplitude"and "phase" cell array by using loop.
The text files contains both text and numerical values. Sample text file is uploaded with this question
The data of half of the files are loaded into "Amplitude" cell array and other half into "phase" cell array.
I have followed this code given below: I am getting errors like
Error using load
Number of columns on line 2 of ASCII file
Error in Current_Impedance_9 (line 8)
file = load(fullfile(PathName,FileName{i}));
How to resolve this problem
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