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Fixing a plotting problem over a fixed axes

Hans123 님이 질문을 제출함. 19 Aug 2019
최근 활동 darova 님이 답변함. 19 Aug 2019
I want the below spirals to be evenly spaced (in both x and y axes). I am hoping distance between the rows and columns of the helical spirals to be the same, while each center will lie on the same line. I am not sure how to use MATLAB to calculate that for me. The radius of the helical spirals will change and I think there is way to use MATLAB to evenly space them out rather than manually calculating the distance of them.
The axes will always be constrained from -255 to 255, so only radius stays the same.
I pasted the code and what the spirals look from the xy axes
I am hoping the spacing between each row would be constant so that the spirals lie on the same line
clc; clear; close all
% prompt1 = 'Radius: ';
% radius = input(prompt1);
% prompt2 = 'Layer Height: ';
% height = input(prompt2);
height = 250;
% prompt3 = 'Number of Layers: ';
% numlayer = input(prompt3);
spirals = (1:10:61);
num = 1:1:7;
for columns=1:4
for rows = 1:length(spirals)
center = -250 + (spirals(rows))*num(rows); % this was calculated to work only for this radius
indent =255 - (columns*30);
r = spirals(rows);
y=r*sin(t)+ indent;
hold on
xlim([-255 255])
ylim([-255 255])
zlim([1 255])
grid on
xlabel('\it Increasing Radius \rightarrow')
ylabel('\it Increasing Layer Height \leftarrow')

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Currently, my plot has overlapping of the spirals. The goal is to get rid of that overlapping. I want to know how I can make MATLAB understand the necessarcy distance so that there is no overlap between rows.
The reason I want MATLAB to solve fit the spirals on the axes, rather than manually calculating the required distance, is because I intend to change the radius of each spiral on each row later. I do not wish to recalculate the distance again
darova 19 Aug 2019
What if radius of spirals too big for
ylim([-255 255])
the radius for the spirals being picked will adhere to the limit. My problem is getting rid of the overlap of the spirals. Please let me know how I could do it.

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darova 님의 답변 19 Aug 2019
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See attached file
dy = max(spirals);
indent = linspace(-255+dy, 255-dy,4);
y=r*sin(t)+ indent(columns);
FOr thicker line use:

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