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Creating a Helix Spiral

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I want to create a helix sprial. I wish to have control over changing the radius of the spiral, the gap between each layer and the height of the spiral. How would I do that?
I obtained the code below from MATLAB's Documentation however I am not familiar with it. If you can explain how st and ct works that would be helpful too.
Thanks in advance
clc; clear; close all
t = 0:pi/50:10*pi;
st = sin(t);
ct = cos(t);
grid on

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Answer by Bruno Luong
on 19 Aug 2019
Edited by Bruno Luong
on 19 Aug 2019
 Accepted Answer

r = ...
gap = ...
t = (2*pi/gap)*(0:0.001:10);
st = r*sin(t);
ct = r*cos(t);

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Hans123 on 19 Aug 2019
If I want to make the height (black line) be independent of the gap, how would I change the code?
Because I have 3 user requested variables - Radius, Gap, Height
Thanks for the reply
Bruno Luong
on 19 Aug 2019
gap=5 % blue distance
d=30 % black distance
r = 2;
Hans123 on 19 Aug 2019
works exactly as I want it to, thank you for the help!

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