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Find area under and above the curve with horizontal line and its min/max values in a given range of line ?

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MUKESH KUMAR 19 Aug 2019
편집: MUKESH KUMAR 19 Aug 2019
I want to do following tasks,
First generate a time series load data between 550-1000 for one day 30 min interval, so load(48*1) dataset
then set level_1 = 750 and draw a line on the graph,
then find out the area above this level_1 line and area under seprate level (lets say level_2 = 600) line seprately.
Then Can we find the min or max area if the Level_2 vary between the range of [600 800], find at which point the area(under the Level_2) is min or max?
with another constraint is that
area_1 - area_2 + K >= 0; % K is constant and lets say K= 800 ( 80% of max load)

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