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from python to matlab

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qrqr 1 Aug 2019
I do not know how to send variables defined in python to MATLAB.
If you define A = 2 in python,
how does A = 2 in the MATLAB workspace Can you move it?

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KSSV 1 Aug 2019
In matlab simple:
A = 2
qrqr 1 Aug 2019
I want to move python variables to MATLAB

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Wiley Mosley
Wiley Mosley 2 Aug 2019
편집: Wiley Mosley 2 Aug 2019
I believe you would want to utilize the matlab engine. If you are just trying to get the data in a format that you can then call a matlab function there are examples in the above link that should help you out.
You could possibly try sharing the session and maybe then variables in python would appear in the matlab workspace, but I have not tried this before.

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qrqr 2 Aug 2019
I entered the following code
cd (fullfile(matlabroot,'extern','engines','python'))
system('python install')
But,I got the following error
'python' is an internal or external command,
It is not recognized as an operable program or batch file.
Each version is below
MATLAB Ver.2019a
Python Ver.2.7

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Wiley Mosley
Wiley Mosley 1 Aug 2019

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qrqr 2 Aug 2019
Thank you
I saw the contents
Pass data from Python to MATLAB
It is written like this, but I do not know because there is no concrete code.
For example, typing 'float' will do something?

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Loretta Laughrey
Loretta Laughrey 20 May 2020
Just pass the variable in a function call:
In Python:
eng = matlab.engine.start_matlab("-desktop"), nargout=0) # change to the folder with the scripts
results = eng.mymatlabscript(self.A, self.B, nargout = 0, async = False)
function mymatlabscript(A, B)

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