pspice slps and simulink

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masoud sistaninejad
masoud sistaninejad 2019년 7월 24일
댓글: mihai sava 2020년 3월 28일
Greetings and Regards
Please help to resolve the issue :
Error while obtaining sizes from MEX S-function 'slpsblk' in 'RCMDL_SLPS/SLPS/S'.
Caused by:
SLPS ERROR: SLPS module is failed to load (psstub.dll).
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mihai sava
mihai sava 2020년 3월 28일
No, & Mathworks does not care, Cadence does not care. Two expensed tools for nothing

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Hunor Medve
Hunor Medve 2019년 8월 29일
Hello there, I have the same problem, does anybody have any idea what can be done about it?

NicF 2020년 1월 30일
Is there any new about this issue? While is still without a solution?


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