Create a double variable array

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James Upton
James Upton . 2019년 7월 21일
댓글: Rik . 2019년 7월 21일
The following code wont work because: I have a date1 variable array which is a double and the P_D variable seems to be a cell array. I need to set P_D to be a double variable, all numbers in the P_D variable are doubles.
Error using plot
Invalid data argument.
Error in thethird (line 54)
plot(date1, P_D(:,1))
P_D(i,2)= {Call};
P_D(i,3)= {Put};
date1 = datenum(date,'yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS');
plot(date1, P_D(:,1))
datetick('x', 'mm-dd')
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Rik 2019년 7월 21일
Judging from the use of cells in the first place, I would guess either of the other parameters are not scalar doubles. If they are scalar doubles, then there is no need to add the complexity of a cell array.

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