Simulate perspective transformation depending on a satellite position

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Alexandre THIBEAULT 2019년 7월 18일
답변: Sourav Bairagya 2019년 8월 2일
We are looking for a way to simulate the perspective transformation based on a satellite position for a ground bird eye view 2D image. Then we can use the well known functions to warp the images based on the transform matrix.
Thank you.


Sourav Bairagya
Sourav Bairagya 2019년 8월 2일
You can use the function viewmtx which computes a perspective transformation matrix that projects four-dimensional homogeneous vectors onto a two-dimensional view surface.
Here, T is the Perspective transformation matrix, azis the azimuth, el is elevation of the viewpoint in degrees and Xc is the target point that is the centre of the view.
To get more detailed information about the function you can follow this link:




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