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AppDesigner: save/load User‘s Input

Asked by Jule Zimmermann on 16 Jul 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Adam
on 16 Jul 2019
Hey everyone,
I built a gui with appdesigner, where the user has to fill out many editfields, drop down lists and switches. At the end he can push a plot button, which runs some calculations and shows the plot after all. So far so good, I want to built in two buttons ‚save‘ and ‚load‘, so the user can save all the input information and load it again another time, to run the same scenario without allthe input effort. Any suggestions how to program this? Best regards, Jule


on 16 Jul 2019
Just grab all the inputs from the UI via the class object, put them in a struct and save it to a mat file. Then do the reverse when you load it back in.

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