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problem in using if command

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Prakhar Modi
Prakhar Modi 13 Jul 2019
댓글: Steven Lord 14 Jul 2019
Hello everyone,
I have already calculated 25 values of X.
Now I am calculating next 10 values of X and I want to run a loop for that. Now when I am computing X(26) than I want to break the loop at the moment when the computed value of X(26) is having a difference of 1 with any of the already calculated 25 values of X. Now when I am calculating the next X(27) I want the same condition to follow as for X(26) but the code should not include that value of X from the already calculated 25 values of X which was used in calculating X(26).

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Prakhar Modi
Prakhar Modi 13 Jul 2019
all the prior value except the one which is used to calculate the difference in X(26). It means for X(27) I should be calculating the difference with 24 values only and similarly for next X(28) their will 23 values only.
dpb 13 Jul 2019
I don't follow that last...think we need an example of just what your intent is with numbers to illustrate.
But, the general logic as IA outline will be the right thing; you just need to be able to define a variable i1,i2 for each iteration that defines the subset of X to be compared to X(k) as
i1=NEW_i1; % whatever logic it is that decides
i2=NEW_i2; % how these two change between iterations
Steven Lord
Steven Lord 14 Jul 2019
Can you take a step back and explain at a higher level your goal in generating this data? There may be a more efficient algorithm we can suggest if we get the full picture of what you want to achieve.

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