Problems with the external mode transport layer in Simulink

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Enrique Pinto
Enrique Pinto 2019년 7월 10일
댓글: Victor Bayer 2021년 12월 17일
I receive the error message (attached below) from Simulink related to the "external mode transport layer". It appears in the building process when I am trying to execute a Simulink model that uses the QUARC 2.5 target (by QUANSER)
The current "ExtModeMexFile" value, "quarc_comm", does not matched "noextcomm", which is the value expected by the current external mode transport layer, "none". This transport layer is specified by the 'ExtModeTransport' value, "0". This error can occur when you change the way you register external mode transport layer in Simulink. Refresh "ExtModeMexFile" by reselecting the required external mode transport layer".
¿How can I solve this issue?
The computer runs under Windows 10 with MATLAB R2019a and QUARC 2.5 target
Thanks in advanced.
Enrique Pinto


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