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Hong Yee Ooi 님이 질문을 제출함. 26 Jun 2019
최근 활동 gonzalo Mier 님이 답변함. 26 Jun 2019
You are required to write a script to add two ten-digit random integer and print the result. Use
for-loop and if-else in your script.

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Nobody will do your homework , start by :
doc for
doc if

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gonzalo Mier 님의 답변 26 Jun 2019

Oh, a really interesting problem. Lets try to solve it as easy as possible...
Lets propose some ideas:
  1. Sum two constant numbers in a for loop and when your teacher asks, just tell him you use a normal very thin.
  2. Use the function randsample(prime(899999999)+100000000,1) to obtain each of the random values.
  3. Record your voice and pick some values from there.
  4. Plot the values as string in a plot ui.
  5. Or better, plot one of each number in a different subplot.
  6. Even better, codify each value as different shape form that has as many sides as your number. Remenber, you don't need to make all the sides equal.

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