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Afz 2012년 8월 28일
I am unfamiliar with working of MATALAB so I need some basic help in using this function.
I want to make my function zero or near zero (It could be negative value but it should be a value nearest to zero)
The other constrains is the all variables should be in between 0.3 to 0.7. Its values can have up to 10 digits after decimal points e.g 0.54465941365)
Problem Its not giving me a value that could give a near zero value.
Here is my Problem Setup
Objective function: @myfun
Derivatives: Approximated by Solver
Start point:[0;0;0;0;0]
A: Empty b: Empty
Aeq: Empty beq:Empty
Lower: [0.3;0.3;0.3;0.3;0.3]
Upper: [0.7;0.7;0.7;0.7;0.7]
Nonlinear constraint function: Empty
Derivatives: Approximated by solver
Options: Default
Objective function value: -390.45426224401234
Local minimum found that satisfies the constraints.
Final Points
Variable 1.0 = 0.6
Variable 2.0 = 0.3
Variable 3.0 = 0.6
Variable 4.0 = 0.3
Variable 5.0 = 0.6


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2012년 8월 28일
fmincon is a minimizer, not a 0 finder.
You could minimize @(x) myfun(x).^2

Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss 2012년 8월 28일
To expand upon Walter's answer, use lsqnonlin instead of fmincon.
Alan Weiss
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