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Not able to connect Specialized power systems and Simscape blocks

santhi santhi 님이 질문을 제출함. 18 Jun 2019
최근 활동 Andrew 님이 답변함. 25 Jun 2019
I am not able to connect the Simscape and Specialized power system blocks? Why is that they both have respective blocks. For example: AC source is availabel under SIMSCAPE and also under Specialized power systems. I am using MATLAB after a long time and I ma bit confused. sorry

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Andrew 님의 답변 25 Jun 2019
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Simscape Electrical provides two simulation technologies: Libraries Compatible with Simscape Technology and Specialized Power Systems Library. See Simscape Electrical Block Libraries for more details.
The recommended approach is to build your entire model in one of the technologies. Unfortunately, it's not possible to directly connect blocks from multiple technologies although converter blocks are provided should it be necessary.
For low-detail semiconductor models you can use either technology. For multidomain models, and models with options to add higher levels of detail, use the blocks which are compatible with Simscape Technology.
For additional information, see also Why are there multiple models of same device?.

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