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Please help me to sove this problem, thank you so much!

PENGBIN WANG 님이 질문을 제출함. 29 May 2019
Error in 'bingwangnibia1/Subsystem/vo': Initialization commands cannot be evaluated.
Caused by:
  • PSB option menu block block (mask) does not have a parameter named 'NonlinearTolerance'

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I have no idea about the question. Could you please rephrase the question properly

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Yuan Ren 님의 답변 11 Sep 2019

Drag a "powergui" from the library might help.

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Yeah, I solved the same question in this way, thanks a lot.

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Andrew 님의 답변 25 Jun 2019

This looks like an issue with your specific model saved in a previous release being opened in a newer release. Reviewing our issue tracking database, I believe this issue has been fixed in MathWorks release R2019a. Please could you try opening your model in that version, and if it doesn't work please could you directly contact MathWorks support to provide them with your model.

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