How to Read PDF417 bar-codes from the image?

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Shaik Ahmad
Shaik Ahmad 2019년 5월 27일
댓글: Walter Roberson 2019년 5월 29일
I am working on bar-code (PDF417) detection and recognition from a stack of boxes. The size of the bar-codes are relatively very small as compared to the Boxes. If I place the camera very near to the stack of boxes I can cover only one box and read only one bar-code. If I place the camera a little far such that the image frame contains five boxes, I couldn't able to detect any boxes.
How can I address this problem, and what are the possible ways to solve it.
The barcode size can not be changed
We have the freedom to select the camera
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019년 5월 29일
Well, you appear to have a few choices:
  • change the scenario so that the boxes can move vertically; or
  • change the scenario so that the camera can move; or
  • add more cameras; or
  • use a higher resolution camera; or
  • give up
There is a range of distance / sizes for which it could potentially also be effective to use image enhancement techniques: although you might currently be recording a blur, in small regions the pattern of the blur might be distinctive under the assumption that the original is two specific colors. This only gets you so far, though: at some distance / resolution combination the information is simply no longer there in the image.

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