Condition inside animation loop

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mohammed alany
mohammed alany 2019년 5월 8일
if i have animation part inside loop like below
%% animation part
while( distanceToGoal > goalRadius )
[v, omega] = step(controller, robot.CurrentPose);
drive(robot, v, omega)
robotCurrentLocation = robot.CurrentPose(1:2)
distanceToGoal = norm(robotCurrentLocation - robotGoal);
during execute the above code, the simulation give me the current position of robot.
i would like to put the below code
for i = 1 : 5
rN = rand;
disp(['rN = ' num2str(rN)])
if rN > 0.8
inside the animation part, so each two seconde it will give me different random values,
if rN > 0.8 i need stop the robot
any help please


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