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Simulation data inspector perfomance degrade during long sessions

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Ilija 2 May 2019
댓글: Hari Moorthy 6 Aug 2020
In my work i'm extensively relying on simulation data inspector to analyize waveforms. While being a great tool, i'm experiencing lots of stability issues. Namely, when i import data from a run into the SDI, the first time works well. However, if my analysis continues, while I plot different signals and perform zoom-in and zoom out multiple times, performance of the SDI start degrading over time, so much so that after perhaps 15 minutes of use it becames so slow and constantly 'loading' signals randaring it unusable. At those times, the GPU load becomes significant (reaching 80%).
Clearing and reloading the signals again (Simulink.sdi.clear) helps but, after repeating the process so for several times (clear, load, zoom-in/zoom-out etc), the problem becomes permanent, and only restarting the whole Matlab session helps. However, ocassionally it occures that I cannot close matlab normally, and i'm forced to kill the process from the Task Manager.
I'm using office desktop workstation (xeon e5-1620-v3 with 16GB of RAM, 500GB HDD Nvidia, Quadro NVS 310, Win10 Enterprise) to run simulations in batch mode and save the data on the disk. Than, I analyze the data by downloading it into the simulation data inspector running on laptop (Core i7-3740QM, 8GB RAM, Quadro K2000M, 380GB SSD, Win 7 Enterprise). Occassionally I use my home laptop (Core i7-3610QM, 16GB RAM, Quadro K1000M, 256GB SSD, Win 10 Pro) for analysis and the problem persist there as well. I'm running Matlab R2018b on all instances.
As one can see, I have quite diverse set of hardware and OS combinations and the problem is reproducible on all of them. If someone has simmilar experience please let me know if (and how) you managed to workaround, as it is quite annoyence when using it for long time.

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Jon 11 Oct 2019
I'm also experiencing similar problems with Simulation Data Inspector. First few simulations after starting a new MATAB session it works great. It then gets slower and slower and eventually unusable. I have tried deleting the archived sessions but this doesn't seem to help. In fact it seems to hang doing this. There may be some less drastic way to get SDI going again after it bogs down, but I usually end up exiting Matlab and then restarting again.

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Hans Jensen
Hans Jensen 28 May 2020
Has this issue been solved ? The Simulation Data Inspector slows down to zero speed after one run. It was perfect in 2018, which I upgraded from. I applied some commands, since the 'overwrite previous run' option was no longer available in 2020a, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

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Mike E
Mike E 23 Jun 2020
I have the same problem; it is rendering SDI basically unusable. It is a great idea, but the implementation seems to have memory leak or other performance related issues.
Vincenzo Salvo
Vincenzo Salvo 8 Jul 2020
Same problem R2019b, with high number of signals computed and logged at high frequencies (48Mhz). PC RAM 192gb.
Hari Moorthy
Hari Moorthy 6 Aug 2020
I am running Matlab 2020a and i also observe problems with SDI in thee manner in which it displays signals. Especially with horizontal and vertical zoom and when there are multiple subplots (or plots). I have about 5 x 1 array of plots. Each plot rectangle may have between 1 and 3 signals.

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Dominique Poincloux
Dominique Poincloux 23 Jan 2020
Same happens to me. Very frustrating !
The same issue is described in another topic:
Simulink.sdi.clear command works, but the problem comes back after a few runs or some tens zoom-unzoom operations.
my .dmr file is only ~200MB
Thanks for any advice...

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Alexander Mayrdorfer
Alexander Mayrdorfer 14 May 2020
Same problem here! First runs are very fast and the initialization of the data insepctor is also quite fast. After some runs and "fit to views" the initialization of the data inspector becomes very slow.... Its very frustrating... I hope someone can help us and find a solution!
best regards,

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Ben Rancici
Ben Rancici 8 Jul 2020
편집: Ben Rancici 8 Jul 2020
Same issue here, with same frustration I guess. SDI performance is worsening every new simulation. Sometime the graphs disapear completly.
Matlab 2020a update 3.

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Guy Rouleau
Guy Rouleau 8 Jul 2020
Hi Ben, Please submit a help ticket, we would like to investigate that:
Ben Rancici
Ben Rancici 10 Jul 2020
Another graphical issue with SDI is that sometime the setting pane won't disapear (Cross). When it occurs, there is this unused white space (Question mark).
Ben Rancici
Ben Rancici 10 Jul 2020
Here is a screenshot of the SDI showing empty graphs, though it should display several of them:
The reason is that the x-axis ranging was automatically set to 55-110s instead of 0-55s, which is the simulation time.

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