How do i bring the user(cursor) to the 1st figure plot out of many figures ?

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Sachin NARAIN 2019년 4월 23일
댓글: Sachin NARAIN 2019년 4월 23일
I have 7-8 plots (figures) opened .I want the code to take the User to the 1st plot automatically as soon as all the plots are created .
For example ; now if i have 7 plots created ,normally the cursor takes us to the 7th plot at the end of the code .
But i want it to go to the 1st plot as soon as it is done with the plots .
How do i do this ?
Kindly help me with this
Thank you in advance

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Thorsten 2019년 4월 23일
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Sachin NARAIN 2019년 4월 23일
i get the 1st figure but after i have finished with the 1st figure , it again goes to the last one .It doesnt go figure 1 , figure 2 , figure 3 and so on .

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