Cosimulation Simplorer Simulink: Simulink stuck in initializing mode

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Yanis Benmohammed
Yanis Benmohammed 2019년 4월 19일
댓글: hamdihun abdie dawed 2022년 9월 30일
Dear community,
I am currently using Matlab/Ansys to do a cosimulation between Simulink and simplorer. I succeeded to link the two software and so to get the modulation from Simulink to simplorer, and make my circuit works. However, I have now a problem in Simulink. When I launch Simulink, it launches so the simplorer model associated (thanks to a S-function), however, Simulink is stuck in "initializing mode", while simplorer is running (without the data from simulink). Do you have an idea of how to figure it out ?
Thank you in advance,
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hamdihun abdie dawed
hamdihun abdie dawed 2022년 9월 30일
I am facing the same problem. I would appreciate any help related wih this issue.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom 2019년 4월 20일
The most effective way to debug S-Function issues is to use a C code debugger to debug the S-Function as it is running in Simulink.


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