Unable to download noninlined S-function into Arduino-2560

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Raja  Rout
Raja Rout . 2012년 8월 9일
답변: Murat Belge . 2014년 4월 10일
Hi, I am using "Simulink Support Package for Arduino Mega 2560 Hardware" and it works perfectly fine. Thanks for the support.
I would like to add a non-inlined sfunction. For this i have chosen the noninlined sfunction button inside configuration->code generation->interface pane, but i am unable to generate the code.
Thanks in advance
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Raja  Rout
Raja Rout 2012년 8월 10일
The following error message is generated during code generation
"Block 'untitled2/S-Function' is a non-inlined s-function, which is not supported with the current configuration. Consider selecting the support 'non-inlined s-functions' option on the Configuration Parameters > Code Generation > Interface pane**"

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Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer
Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer 2012년 8월 28일
Try the following: # Press Ctrl+E. # In the Configuration Parameters dialog that opens, select "Code Generation" and then "Interface". # In the Interface pane, select the checkbox next to "non-inlined S-function".
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Eric Bott
Eric Bott 2014년 4월 9일
Hi Rolfe, I have a similar problem, but for the raspberry pi. I've tried using this solution, but it appears to invalidate the raspberry pi code deployment setup, after which the option to run the model in external mode disappears, and a dialog offering to automatically re-setup the code generation parameters for raspberry pi is again presented. If the dialog is accepted, then the non-inlined box is automatically unchecked, and run external is again offered. Is there perhaps a minor modification which I could make to a config file somewhere, to override the raspberry pi model deployment non-inlined s-function check, so as to enable running external on the pi with non-inlined s-functions? Best Regards, Eric

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Murat Belge
Murat Belge 2014년 4월 10일
Non-inlined S-functions are not supported by Arduino, Raspberry Pi or LEGO EV3 / NXT support packages. You can only use inlined S-functions with these support packages.


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