Worst Case execution time analysis for Simulink Blocks

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I am working on a project that designs its control algorithm on a Simulink model and generates the code that is then run on a target embedded device.
I am interested in analysing the worst case execution time(WCET) of chunks of my model (divided based on their SampleTime).
The timing model of a target Microcontroller is roughly understood. Since we use Matlab/Embedded coder to generate C-code from the models, Is it possible to run analysis on the generated code to "estimate" WCET?
Does Matlab or anyone provide a toolbox or an addon to do the same?
Estimate need not be accurate to microseconds, A rough estimate is what I am aiming for. Any method that does not involve cataloging the generated code manually for execution time estimation is my ideal solution.
Thanks for any suggestions

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Ben Priest
Ben Priest 2021년 3월 12일
While model-based development tools like Simulink are often good at testing the model in a simulation, sometimes it’s best to partner with another tool for testing the generated code for on-target timing, and coverage as well. You can either instrument and run the system to capture metrics or use a test harness to execute unit tests of individual components. If you search for 'on-target WCET analysis' in Google for instance you'd find speciality tools and products there

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Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz 2021년 5월 4일
Worst Case Execution Time is not yet a feature provided by MathWorks products. However, our development team is aware of this use case, and there is an existing enhancement request. For now, you will need to use third-party software as outlined by Ben.

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