how to purchase embedded coder

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Jose Espinosa
Jose Espinosa 2019년 3월 20일
댓글: Jose Espinosa 2019년 3월 26일
I have requested several times a quote for the embedded coder, but no response from mathworks. I wish to add this feature to my matlab release, but I have no idea what is the problem, (maybe because I have a student license). Anyway I would like to know if there is a way to get the embedded coder.
Thank you

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser 2019년 3월 20일
Jose, the Student Version is supposed to be used supporting your studies. Does you professor expect you to purchase your own Embedded Coder like for a Master Thesis? I would assume the university provides the software you need from their pool of licenses.
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Jose Espinosa
Jose Espinosa 2019년 3월 26일
Thak you for your response.
I don't need it for my studies because the student license I have is really good and complete for my classes and projects. The reason is because I would like to purchase the embedded coder for learning purposes and do my own projects. Have it essentially for learning but on my own computer, but if that is not possible I understand.
Thank you.

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