Not able to connect zynq7010 to MATLAB

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답변: Stefanie Schwarz 2019년 7월 17일
Hello, I'm using zybo z710 series zynq hardware for my project, and I'm trying to connect MATLAB 2018b to my zynq harware. My operating system is Windows 10.
I followed the first 10 steps exactly as given in the workflow below,
When I tried running it, I'm getting the following error,
"Error using codertarget.zynq.internal.LinuxShell/setupZynqHardwarecodertarget.zynq.internal.LinuxShell/setupZynqHardware (line 543)
Cannot connect to "Zynq hardware". Details: Could not connect to the hardware over Serial Port.
Check that USB cable is plugged into 'USB-to-UART' port of the hardware and the power switch is turned on.
If this error persists, switch off the hardware, wait for 10 seconds, switch on the hardware and then repeat this step.
Error in codertarget.zynq.internal.LinuxShell (line 207)
Error in zynq (line 113)
h = codertarget.zynq.internal.LinuxShell('ZC702', varargin{:});"
Is there anyway to debug this?
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Harri Rahikainen
Harri Rahikainen 2019년 3월 26일
I'm also receiving the same error with the same setup (Zybo-z7-10, MATLAB 2018b, Win10).
Help would be much appreciated.

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Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz 2019년 7월 17일
Hi Tariq,
there could be many reasons why you are getting this error message. It could be a basic connection issue, or the board did not properly boot our Linux image from SD card, etc.
Please follow below troubleshooting guide:

Akshay Khadse
Akshay Khadse 2019년 3월 28일
Please try to reset everything before connecting:
  • Delete everything on the SD card
  • Get the correct IP address of the hardware board
  • Ensure that only the support pacakge for the hardware being used is installed
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Prasanna Sathiyanarayanan
Prasanna Sathiyanarayanan 2019년 3월 29일
Hi, I'm having the same issue and I don't know how to find the IP adress of the hardware, I tried using putty to find the ip adress but it seems like it doesn't work once I set all the configurations as mentioned in the example below,
however the linux image i copied into sd card seems to work fine, it is booting and 'P-DONE' Led blinks, but still i get the same error, is there anyway to resolve this?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019년 3월 29일
Tools such as nmap can make it easier to explore what is on your network.

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Efkan Yilmaz
Efkan Yilmaz 2019년 7월 3일
I have same error. I guess matlab hdl coder and verifier dont support zybo z7. Dou you have any method to solve this problem?




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