How can I isolate two circular objects in an image that are touching?

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DannyP99 . 2019년 3월 14일
답변: Munish Raj . 2019년 3월 18일
I am using the image segmentation tutorial by Image Analyst with my own image containing 8 circular objects that is very similar to if they were coins, but if some of the coins are touching. I want to extract all 8 circular objects and then further analyze each one but the circles that touch are being counted as one object. How do I seperate them?

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Munish Raj
Munish Raj 2019년 3월 18일
Hello Daniel,
You could look out for circular objects in an image by following this blog.
Furthermore, when you get the coordinates of the outline of the circle, you could write a function to isolate outlines which have any common points.
This will help you isolate objects that are touching.


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