How to store columns of different lengths using cells

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Dear all,
I understand that in order to store column vectors of different length one ought to use cells. I fail to see my mistake in attempting to do this in the code below. I get the following error message: 'Array indices must be positive integers or logical values' but I don't really know what that means. Here's my attempt:
[~,~,raw] = xlsread( '21series',8) ;
dates = cellfun( @(x) sscanf( x, 'Q%d %d' ), raw(2:end,1), 'UniformOutput', false ) ;
dates = horzcat( dates{:} ).' ;
headers = raw(1,2:end) ;
select = raw(2:end,2:end) ; % Cell array mixed str/values.
select(cellfun( @ischar, select )) = {NaN} ; % Cell array NaN/values
select = cell2mat( select ) ; % Numeric array.
[nnn,kkk] = size(select);
for colidtrim=1:kkk;
datalogical(:,colidtrim)=~ isnan(select(:,colidtrim));
for colidback2num=1:kkk
trimtempstoreCol = select(~isnan(select(:,colidback2num)),colidback2num);
Any suggestions?
Many thanks
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Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson 2019년 3월 12일
Which line specifically gives the error?
Is 'trimtempstoreCol' always a postive integer?

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per isakson
per isakson 2019년 3월 12일
편집: per isakson 2019년 3월 12일
I assume that you intend to put successive values of trimtempstoreCol into cells of newData.
To do that, replace
newData( 1, colidback2num ) = {trimtempstoreCol};
or by
newData{ 1, colidback2num } = trimtempstoreCol;
That will make your code run.
PS: datalogical is never used.

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