Inverse y-axis heatmap

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Vipin Veetil
Vipin Veetil 2019년 3월 10일
댓글: Eric Burdette 2019년 7월 10일
I would like to make a heatmap from tabular data. My code is below. The heatmap has y-axis values descending order, I would like to them in ascending order. However using set(gca..) gives me the following error:The name 'YDir' is not an accessible property for an instance of class ''.
In the data below, 's' and 'g' are the independent variable headers in the csv file. 'mean' is the dependent variable header.
data = readtable('data.csv')
h = heatmap(data,'s','g', 'ColorVariable', 'mean');
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Eric Burdette
Eric Burdette 2019년 7월 10일
h = heatmap(data,'s','g', 'ColorVariable', 'mean');
h.YDisplayData = flipud(h.YDisplayData); % equivalent to 'YDir', 'Reverse'

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Astha Singh
Astha Singh 2019년 3월 13일
The error is seen because, there is no property named 'YDir' for the HeatMapChart object obtained in MATLAB.
The complete list of available properties acn be found at the following link:
For ordering the Y-axis labels of the chart you can manually set the values of the property, 'YDisplayData'.
Please refer the second example, 'Reorder Heatmap Labels' at the following link:

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