Save figure on a server machine with no display

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Eugenio 2012년 7월 30일
Hi all, I've generated a matlab application (using MCC) that will run on a unix server (with no display). Unfortunately this application have to save some plots (without display them). Everything works good (on my linux machine); but when i run the application over the unix server the execution does not work! It seems that if I work with plots a display has to be setted on the machine. I've specified on the code to make the plot not visible, but it still doesn't work: the execution break. Any suggestions?


Albert Yam
Albert Yam 2012년 7월 30일
Not a direct solution, but you could save the data, and reproduce the plots on another machine. You probably have the data saved already, so it might just be writing a plotting script. [Assuming of course it is not huge data. At which point, instead of plotting, save only the required data for that plot.]

Eugenio 2012년 7월 30일
Hi Albert, thank you for the answer. The figure we're talking about is a scatterplot created by matlab, and it counts hundreds and hundreds points; so we thought that export the matlab figure was the best solutions. So, isn't any solutions to export this huge figure?

Robert Cumming
Robert Cumming 2012년 7월 30일
use the print command
doc print
you can set it to save individual file (e.g. png)
print ( handle, '-dpng', 'filename' )
or you could build a postscript file which you could then convert to a pdf for example.


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