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Machine learning with gui

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Hey everyone,
I am planning on using a sensor to track heart sounds. I have to preprocess the data and then represent features (analyze data) etc.
But I have to do it , by using a GUI platform that represent the waveform and analyzes the heart beat.
My question is, that can I use the machine learning toolbox in matlab and the GUI platform with it, or do I have to do everything manually without the help of the toolbox , so that I can use a GUI user interface?
I would appreciate every little help
Thank you

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Adam 4 Mar 2019
You can call any code you want under a GUI interface. Most functions in toolboxes work from command line or functions without having their own GUI component. These can be embedded into your own GUI without problems. Some components that create their own GUI and are heavily linked to that cannot be integrated into a custom GUI (though they can be launched from it), but the GUIs for most toolboxes are just there to provide more user-friendly acess to underlying functionality which you can also just use in its raw form, which is what I always do.

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