presenting result in a table

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Esegboria Osarhemen
Esegboria Osarhemen 2019년 3월 3일
댓글: Rena Berman 2019년 3월 5일
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How can I create a matrix/table like the one in the attached photo using the given data
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Rena Berman
Rena Berman 2019년 3월 5일
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Sheng Chen
Sheng Chen 2019년 3월 3일
You can try table():
LastName = {'Sanchez';'Johnson';'Li';'Diaz';'Brown'};
Age = [38;43;38;40;49];
Smoker = logical([1;0;1;0;1]);
Height = [71;69;64;67;64];
Weight = [176;163;131;133;119];
BloodPressure = [124 93; 109 77; 125 83; 117 75; 122 80];
T = table(LastName,Age,Smoker,Height,Weight,BloodPressure);
Also, please refer to Table array with named variables that can contain different types and see if this is what you want.


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