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Validation Accuracy doesn't increase.

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JI SU Chung
JI SU Chung 27 Feb 2019
답변: Jack Xiao 21 Feb 2021
Hello, I wonder if any of you who have used deep learning on matlab can help me to troubleshoot my problem. I don't understand why my model's validation accuracy doesn't increase. I used pre-trained AlexNet and My dataset just worked well in Python(PyTorch). I guess there is something problem with dataloader or image type(double, uint8, ...etc).
please help me. Thank you.
And here is my code.
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Sahar Salimpour
Sahar Salimpour 7 Feb 2021
Hello, i have the same problem. The validation accuracy is a fixed value and doesn't change at all(0.3), did you find any solution ?

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Jack Xiao
Jack Xiao 21 Feb 2021
reduce the initial learning rate to a smaller value such as 0.0001

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