plot or stem the length of negative and positive signal?

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abdullah qasim
abdullah qasim 2019년 2월 26일
댓글: abdullah qasim 2019년 2월 26일
I follow positive and negative references
XNsize = length (Xn);
[XNsize, Xn, Xp]
I want to plot the signal by using "stem" as follow
stem([XNsize, Xn, Xp])
but in different colours
Xn in red
Xp in blue

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KSSV 2019년 2월 26일
y1 = rand(10,1) ;
x1 = 1:length(y1) ;
y2 = rand(15,1) ;
x2 = [1:length(y2)]+length(y1) ;
hold on

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi 2019년 2월 26일
stem(repmat(XNsize,XNsize,1),[Xn, Xp])
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abdullah qasim
abdullah qasim 2019년 2월 26일
thank u .
but this method not working

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