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How can I desactivate trial? If I don't desactivate it, will I have to pay for Matlab after this 30 days trial?

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Gloria González
Gloria González 2019년 2월 24일
답변: Andreas Goser 2019년 2월 25일
I downloaded a trial version, and now I don't need Matlab anymore, so I have deleted the program form my laptop. But I'm worried about the trial period because I don't know if when the trial period finishes, the license will just disappear, or if on the contrary, as I haven't desactivated it, I will have to pay for a common license.
I hope you could help me.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser 2019년 2월 25일
Once the trial is expired, you would get an error message if trying to start MATLAB. That is it.
You may want to uninstall MATLAB.

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