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is there a way to access simulink online?

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Dhwani Vakil
Dhwani Vakil 2019년 2월 18일
댓글: Charlie White 2020년 7월 30일
Hi! I would like to know if there was a way to access Simulink online, like MATLAB online feature. Thanks :)

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Michael Carone
Michael Carone 2020년 6월 12일
Simulink Online is now available! You can access it here:
Just sign into MATLAB Online with your MathWorks account and either start Simulink or open a Simulink model.
For more details on Simulink Online, including eligibility requirements, see the following page:
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Charlie White
Charlie White 2020년 7월 30일
Thanks Michael.

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Alok Nimrani
Alok Nimrani 2019년 2월 21일
Thanks for showing interest in Simulink Online.
We are actively working on bringing Simulink to MATLAB Online.
However, we do not currently have a timeline on when this feature will be released.

Vidyashree KR
Vidyashree KR 2020년 4월 13일
Is simulink available in matlab online
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2020년 4월 13일
According to the MATLAB Online limitations page "Only some functionality through the command-line access to Simulink, via the sim command, is supported."

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