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How can I plot curved lines in a graph plot?

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Trygve Solstad
Trygve Solstad 14 Feb 2019
The 'layered' layout of the plot function for a graph makes good looking plots (Figure A).
H = digraph(Adjacencymatrix);
h = plot(H,'Layout','layered','AssignLayers','alap','Sources',numel(Lind),'Sinks',leafind,'EdgeCData',1.1-H.Edges.Weight./7,'LineWidth',1,'NodeLabel',names(Lind));
However, I need to move some of the nodes in the graph plot around.
As soon as I change XData, YData of the plot, the edges of the graph plot become straight. (Figure B)
plot() does not allow me to combine XData, YData with 'Layout'.
Exporting the figure to svg/pdf/eps does not preserve edge/node relationships, so I cannot easily move nodes in Inkscape either.
How can I get both
A) a graph plot with curved edges, and
B) determine / change some of the node positions
Thanks for helping

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Ben Ward
Ben Ward 2 Apr 2019
Sorry I don't have the answer, as I am looking for the same thing myself. I thought I would give this a bump in case anyone else sees it.

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Rostislav Teryaev
Rostislav Teryaev 2 Apr 2019
try using this after changing XData and YData

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