TMS320F28335: Model for Simulink based buck converter control

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priyanka apsangi
priyanka apsangi 2019년 2월 12일
댓글: mehdi goudarzi 2022년 6월 29일
I have been trying to implement the logic that I used in my simulations using F28335. But I am having difficulties using the encoder blocks.
Control logic I am trying to develop:
Generate error signal from comparing the values across two ADC inputs (reference and feedback) if the error is positive (i.e. reference > feedback) increase the duty cycle of ePWM output else decrease the duty cycle of ePWM.
Also, if I use the ADC block and attach a scope and run the simulation after transferring the code to hardware, I cannot view the converted value by the ADC (I am varying the voltage across the ADC pins betwwen 0-3V but the scope always reads 0).
Can someone please guide me through using the Simulink?

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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur 2019년 2월 13일
Please let us know if this example works for you.
The example would use the ADC and PWM module.
Venkatesh C

Antonin 2019년 2월 13일
Hi Priyanka,
Are you trying to run "Peak current control"? Let us know,
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mehdi goudarzi
mehdi goudarzi 2022년 6월 29일
hi antonin
i tried to run peak current control but f28335 get me an error for using rs flip flop
can you help me

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