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How to extract the 3D image without losing the other parameters?

Rafi Ahmed 님이 질문을 제출함. 11 Feb 2019
최근 활동 Rafi Ahmed 님이 편집함. 11 Feb 2019
I need to extract the 3D image from this Matlab figure(attached as .fig) and place it with same dimension without losing the parameter values(e.g. power, Doppler frequency and azimuth angle) in that figure after image processing. The image processing part will work on an input image like this:
Fig.:- Snipped part of that matlab figure
Would you please help me find a way to extract that image from that figure? Moreover, I need to put the processed image back to the position of that 3D figure.
Note: The 3D plot is generated by surf function of Matlab

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